What Cat Marnell Did Next: How To Murder Your Life Author Launches New Column

by Freya Drohan

Former beauty editor and best-selling author Cat Marnell is putting pen to paper again! After penning her memoir, a tale of what it was like working at the most glossy magazines in the industry during her most intense drug-addled years, Marnell has amassed a huge following eager to read more about her life.

Now, the 38-year-old has launched a new self-publishing content venture called “BEAUTYSHAMBLES” (a play on troubled singer Pete Doherty’s band name Babyshambles.) The column will come out on Marnell’s Patreon account, which fans of her work can support be pledging between $5-17 a month. At the cheaper end of the scale, subscribers will get one or two columns a week. For the more expensive commitment, Marnell will personally call you once a month!

The writing series promises to incorporate beauty, travel, decor, lifestyle, as well as plenty of “chaos”—which is exactly what we like to hear.

When teasing the details, Marnell says, “I detest editors who tell you to buy overpriced stuff and act like they’re so great at their jobs. The editor in chief of Beautyshambles, ME, will never do that…For my true old school fans, you also get my “lost” xoJane columns, reposted, with behind the scenes commentary and insight into what was really going on!”

The first installment is going to drop later this week. Count us in!

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