Cashmere Matters! With The Elder Statesman’s Greg Chait

by Dena Silver

Greg Chait, designer of The Elder Statesman, brought his cashmere goodies to Tiina The Store at 216 Main Street in Amagansett this week. So, we picked his brain for a few well-knit tidbits.

What’s the one item you really want to create out of cashmere, but have yet to do?

Where’s the strangest place you’ve worn cashmere?

Arizona, in the middle of the summer. I wasn’t thinking when I packed! 

Would you ever make a cashmere swimsuit?

Only if it wasn’t going to be worn in the water.

PLUS! Tiina Laakkonen of Tiina The Store, says…

Greg is brilliant! He’s an original, and he’s turned the idea of cashmere upside down and made it cool again. I wear my cashmere all year now, but I never even knew what it was growing up in Finland. I only discovered it when I moved to Paris in my late teens!

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