Caroline Vazzana Launches First Collection with INSPR

by Eddie Roche
Caroline Vazzana

Influencer Caroline Vazzana is launching her limited edition capsule collection with INSPR. The 7 piece namesake collection will range from a very reasonable $119-$169 and be available on She tells The Daily what the new line is going to look like and what it was like to put it together.

What’s the vibe of the collection?
The collection is bold and colorful, just like me! I wanted to create a capsule collection of dresses for the busy woman on the go. A dress that could take you from work to your best friend’s wedding, so I created seven of them!

How did the collaboration with INSPR come about?
INSPR reached out to me last December and there was an instant connection! I just love their energy and creativity so it was a perfect fit.

Why did you want to work with them?
I was already familiar with INSPR from some of their past launches so I knew they had done this before. As someone who’s never really dipped their toe into design, this is all so new to me, so I wanted to work with someone who had experience in this field. They also gave me so much creative freedom and really respected my voice and style which made the whole process really great!

What did you learn from working with [INSPR founder] Chantel Waterbury?
So much! I’ve learned what really goes into launching a brand. The behind-the-scenes that no one really tells you. She’s been such a great mentor to me and I am truly so thankful!

Caroline Vazzana

You’ve given many of the looks names of iconic NYC streets. Tell us about this idea.
New York City has always been a huge inspiration to me. Growing up in New York, Manhattan was always my ultimate dream, to “make it” there. I even wrote a book called “Making it in Manhattan” so it only felt fitting that for my first collection that I would draw inspiration from the city I love. I chose streets where I spend a lot of my days or places that have had a significant impact on my journey.

What’s next for you?
I just love being able to share my colorful, eclectic style with my community and teaching how to find their personal style. I hope to continue doing that and inspiring them to go after their dreams.

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