Carolina Herrera On Going The Traditional Route With Bridal

by Dena Silver

Leave it to Carolina Herrera to stick to tradition in the bridal realm, with beautiful results. The designer hosted a cocktail party in her Garment District studio, where elegant mods bedecked in lace off-the-shoulder gowns floated around the room between editors sipping glasses of rosé. A few mods even posed for group shots in a makeshift studio in a corner. (And that parting treat of a sweet cupcake, tied in a box with a little blue bow, was quite the romantic touch!) We chatted with Herrera about what it’s like to design bridal garb and which traditions matter most to her.

How did you approach this collection?
This collection is all about romance and femininity. I think brides also want to feel very unique, so each dress has a special detail in it. I used a lot of lace, but some of the dresses are embroidered and others have a back detail. I like to design for bridal, because it’s full of fantasy. It’s like a dream that becomes reality.

What’s the most important tradition for a bride to uphold?
Wearing a white dress.

So would you ever consider showing colorful bridal looks?
I don’t think so. I don’t want to confuse my bride. There is a reason for traditional white dresses! At the beginning, when a bride comes in to design their dress, they might ask for something in another shape or something asymmetrical. But after the whole process, they always end up in long veils, with flowers in their hair…the traditional look.

What do you like to see grooms wearing?
I’m very traditional when it comes to that as well! If the wedding is during the daytime, I like a morning coat. If the wedding is after 9 p.m., the groom should be in tails.

What’s the hardest part about designing a frock for a celebrity wedding?
Oh, some of them are easy, because they know what they want. Some of them are very confused because they hear opinions from a lot of different people around them. I always think that the bride should be on her own and know exactly what she wants. If she doesn’t know what she wants, she should ask for direction. The dress has to work with the girl’s personality!

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