Carolina Herrera Designer Wes Gordon Looks to Robert Mapplethorpe for Fall 2019

by Eddie Roche

Wes Gordon’s latest collection for Carolina Herrera was informed by the softer side of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s oeuvre — his floral still lifes. Big brushstrokes of color are met with extreme proportions, while azure tulle is unexpectedly embroidered with playful nectarine florals. Earthly shades of chiffon are emboldened by statements of taxicab yellow for a spontaneous dynamic, all in grand silhouettes that move with ease.

This is Gordon’s second runway show at the helm since Herrera’s retirement in 2018. The Daily caught up with Gordon and Herrera at the show to find out how the transfer of power is going. 

We’ve been following you since the beginning. Does it get easier on show day?
Gordon: You’ve been so sweet, by the way. No—I’m still nervous! Even when we travel and do a show in a different city, it’s scary.

What did it feel like to wake up today and not have a show to worry about?
Herrera: I’m in heaven! [laughs] It’s not my responsibility, but I know it’s going to be beautiful.

What’s a typical day like for you now?
Why do you want to know what I’m going to do? [laughs] Doing nothing! [laughs]

Do you sleep in?
I always sleep late! [laughs]

Sounds like you’re enjoying your life right now!
I’ve always been enjoying my life!

Check out the rest of the collection below.

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