Carolina Herrera Discusses Canines And Key Causes At MSKCC's Fall Party

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Twenty or so blocks north of that lingerie-centric, glittery bonanza, an incredibly tasteful and exceedingly more clothed affair took place: The Associate Committee of Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) held their annual Fall Party at the Four Seasons, hosted this year by Carolina Herrera and overseen by chairman Shoshanna Gruss. On co-chair duty? Hayley Bloomingdale, Joanna Baker de Neufville, Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, and Cynthia Cook Smith, plus Mrs. Herrera’s daughter, Patricia Herrera Lansing, as honorary chairman. As for the dress code? Ratcheting up the bar for what’s deemed chic. No, seriously. The crowd was like a champagne-tippling, appetizer-nibbling version of a Herrera runway show (there were at least two dozen or so resplendent Herrera gowns swanning around the bash, after all). Seth Meyers and wife Alexi Ashe were there, along with the funnyman’s sister-in-law, Ariel Ashe (the ladies both clad in Herrera creations), as were Zac Posen, Town & Countrys Jay Fielden, W’s Karla Martinez, Glamour’s Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, Lauren Santo Domingo, Charlotte Ronson, and Misha Nonoo. This year’s soiree raised $530,000 for The Committee’s newest initiative, Pediatric Sarcoma. Impressive! Your Daily caught up with the duo of Herreras to discuss the cause du evening…and her beloved “son,” Gaspar. Don’t forget to check out our Gallery of all the gorgeous looks from last night! 

Catching Up With Carolina Herrera! 
What compelled you to host MKSCC’s Fall Party?
Anything that has to do with cancer, I try to help. It’s affected so many friends and family—and many of my friends have been treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Supporting them is fantastic.

Since we’re at The Four Seasons: how do you deal with seasonal changes?
You know, the weather doesn’t bother me. There’s a mania of people thinking it’s too cold or hot. Why?! This kind of weather comes this time every year; it’s nothing new. It is what it is.

That’s a refreshing attitude—everyone seems to be griping about the chilly temps!
I love the idea of the changing seasons. Then there are so many things to do in each season—it gives you another life, almost. I love warm weather and the summer season is divine. You have to wear a lot of clothes in the winter season. But it always looks beautiful!

Your Paris outpost of CH Carolina Herrera had an event for the new Gaspar bag, named after your poodle, last week. Chicsters could BYOD(ogs)! Is that the first time dogs have been in your stores?
No, of course not! They can come anytime they want—they’re invited. I have dogs, and I take them everywhere. Dogs are always welcome in my stores.

What’s your relationship like with Gasper?
Oh my God, he is like my son. I adore him! At this moment, Gasper is wearing a little T shirt from the Gap. It’s cotton, striped, and from the baby section. He’s losing his hair because he has diabetes, so he is beginning to get cold.

Have you ever designed anything for your beloved pooch?
No, but I’ve been inspired by him. That’s why I’ve designed bags in his name. I also carry leashes and collars in my stores.

What is Gaspar’s aesthetic?
He likes simple things that are elegant.

If you did whip up a canine creation for him, what would it be?
I would put him in a black sweater!

PLUS! Mrs. Herrera’s Greatest Advice…According To Her Daughter, Patricia Herrera Lansing
Congrats on being tonight’s honorary chairman! How’d that come about?
Shoshanna Gross is the chairman of the Associate’s Committee, and she’s actually one of my oldest and dearest friends. We always wanted to do something together, and I’ve been coming to this party for many years. Shoshanna approached me last year about getting involved, we got together with my mom and decided that this was a wonderful cause to come together for. Who hasn’t been touched by cancer? It’s a very meaningful cause.

What is it like working with your mom?
We have a really great relationship at work and outside of work, so it’s a fun experience.

How do you segue between work and personal life?
My mom an unwritten rule that once we are outside of 501 [Seventh Avenue, aka Herrera HQ] there’s no business. We never talk about anything business related when we’re not in the office. People in the office don’t believe it! But it’s true. You have to cultivate things out of work!

What might people not know about your mom?
My mom has a wicked sense of humor. She can be quite naughty. She likes to laugh a lot.

What’s Mrs. Herrera’s very best advice?
She told me to always choose to be kind. It’s about choosing! She’d always say that it takes just as much effort to be kind as to not be kind.

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