Carine Roitfeld On Life Sans Assistants

by The Daily Front Row

When we caught up with Carine Roitfeld this week at Wes Gordon, it was quite the enlightening dose of Carine-ness: she’s her own assistant, for starters. Who knew?!

Thanks for coming to our FMA event.

It was quite amazing the crowd in that room, non?

When’s the last time you sat second row at a show?
I sometimes come too late and have to stand. Second row? Before Vogue!

How handy are you?
I’m very good with my hands. I don’t have a lot of people helping me. I’m not very physical, but all the secretary stuff I do myself. I don’t have a personal assistant. It’s quicker.

You’re so friendly.
I’m very surprised that some people are intimidated by
me. I’m the one who is shy and intimidated myself. I’m very normal!

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