Carine Roitfeld on Celine Dion and Online Criticism

by Aria Darcella
Carine Roitfeld

CR Fashion Book launched its new issue last week, featuring Valentin Herfray’s trippy, distorted portraits of Céline Dion. The overall theme of the issue is “public/private,” so naturally one has to wonder how the woman in charge — Carine Roitfeld — relates to the concept. The Daily managed to catch Roitfeld between her last vacation of the summer and show season to get the scoop on what public/private means to her (and her favorite Celine Dion tracks).

How does your own public persona differ from your private life?
I feel like through my own Instagram I am able to show my personality and sense of humor. It is where I show support for causes that are important to me as well as my love of French fries. This way I have been able to bridge my public and private personas.

Has your approach to styling for CR or your clients changed or evolved in recent years? Do you pay attention to criticism online?
Criticism can always be a way to learn. I try to still be fearless in fashion without the intention of offending anyone. I want to have freedom in fashion and I would definitely still make the same choices I have made in my editorials.

Tell me about you cover star, Céline Dion! Do you have a favorite song of hers?
She has so many hits! My favorite one will be the next one she releases as I have loved all her work.

Patrik Sandberg, editorial and creative director of CR Fashion Book and CR MEN, chimed in as well:

Tell me about getting Céline Dion on your cover! What made you want her to be your September issue star?
The stars aligned for Céline Dion to do the cover in a pretty effortless way. Valentin Herfray asked to shoot Céline and she happened to be traveling to Paris for the couture shows so we were able to make it happen! We thought connecting them would create an opportunity to depict Céline in an unexpected light and do something new with an icon, which is such a big part of the CR Fashion Book DNA. Céline represents a lot of qualities that are hard to find in other celebrities right now. She possesses a true legacy as an entertainer, she exudes fun, she’s fearless and she’s a modern day fashion icon with viral personal style. She’s an inspiration to everybody.

And how did you get Bill Skårsgard on the cover of CR MEN?
Bill Skarsgård was offered to us and it was difficult to imagine passing up the opportunity. When it comes to young actors of his generation, Bill has a particular menace and uniqueness when it comes to the characters and projects he takes on. He has fun playing with darkness and has a lot of magnetism as a screen actor, which you can see even through all the terrifying clown makeup in the IT movies. We had fun translating that into our own fantasy story where Bill got to play this sort of unhinged cable news anchor. We feel the shoot is a perfect snapshot of where we are at with culture and discourse now. An attitude of punditry runs throughout the new issue of CR MEN, which we hope our readers find radical and amusing.

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