Candice Swanepoel On The VS Show’s Hop Across The Pond

by Alexandra Ilyashov

In just shy of a month, this year’s lucky gaggle of VS Angels and mere mods (there is a difference, darlings) will descend upon London in a flurry of neverending gams, copious glitter, and excessive décolletage. How is Candice Swanepoel feeling about the Victoria’s Secret runway spectacle storming London this year for the first time instead of its usual New York showing? The exceedingly lovely mod filled us in yesterday as we checked out those epic Fantasy Bras (not one, but two blinged-out pieces this time around) plus the skivvy emporium’s holiday offerings, replete with tons of rhinestones and tulle trimmings. Take it away, Candice! 

How do you feel about the VS show’s big move this year?
It’s exciting, but a little nerve-racking, because we have to take the whole circus over there! But we’re going to be preparing and working out and getting beautified in New York; we’ll only be in London for three days. I’m excited for the crowd; it’s going to be different faces. I feel like the English are super rowdy and crazy. They’ll probably be shouting or something.

Is there a VS plane chartering the chic circus over to London?
Yes, there is, actually!

Hopefully it’s a pink plane.
I know! I think it was going to be pink at one stage, but I’m not sure if it still is.

Where do you like to hang in London?
I usually stay in Soho: That’s where all the fun and wacky people are.

Any must-do’s during your short stint there?
I’m going to fly my parents in from South Africa because it’s a lot closer to London than New York, so I’m probably just going to do whatever they want to do.


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