Can ZCRAVE Bring Affordable Luxury To Madison Avenue?

by Eddie Roche
Designer Hila Shtork Zigdon has taken her popular online retail store, ZCRAVE, to Madison Avenue for her first brick and mortar shop. She tells The Daily about her luxury yet affordable concept, why she has some gripes with fashion, and where else she’s planning to open doors.

What’s the concept behind ZCRAVE?
We are all about affordable fine clothes that are meant to be worn, not locked away in storage. We offer styles that are desirable and never practical or boring.

What are your most popular looks with your customers?
F3TISH  brings a sexy and sophisticated concept to a very classic look. It’s incredible how all women, from 20 to 70 years old, look amazing in it! Other popular styles are the Madame satin, the Vesey   and the Fifth Ave feather dress. Who can resist feathers?

Why did you want to open a store on Madison Avenue?
The Upper East Side is where most of my clients are. I specifically chose Madison Ave as the location because it is a statement of luxury, and that’s what our clothes are: luxury, but at affordable prices.

We hear you don’t actually like fashion! True?
I love to create. I love the art of designing clothing. My problem with fashion is that it has become an industry that follows trends. I don’t like to follow.

Why was Bella Thorne enlisted to front your campaign?
I had been reading her book “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray” and I was intrigued by how different she is from the typical Hollywood celebrity. I love that about her. Oddly enough, Bella reached out to us on IG for a collaboration pegged to Coachella. I agreed immediately, but then the pandemic hit. We decided to collaborate on a collection instead.

Bella Throrne

Bella Thorne (Courtesy)

Who are some of your celebrity fans?
Christina Milian, Paris Hilton, Thalia Sodi, Joseline Hernandez, and many more that I don’t even know!

Who is the typical ZCRAVE woman?
The ZCRAVE woman is a classic beauty who wants to express her sexuality in a smart way.

What’s next for you?
We’re finishing up our ZCRAVE’s Mens Collection that draws inspiration from our F3TISH line and features quality linen and creative prints. We are also opening three new locations in Miami, Los Angeles, Houston.

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Research next time February 23, 2022 - 7:48 AM

This woman and brand have been called out time and time again for stealing actual designer photos and falsely representing what they are selling. I’m baffled how you ask her these questions and praise her, but don’t ask her about that. Google her company and it’s obvious how many people have been scammed by her Chinese crap that is available on AliExpress for 1/4 the price! “Designer”?! No she isn’t…just another wannabe fifth avenue fake


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