Camila Coelho in Quarantine: Calming Down, Going Crazy, or Both?

by Eddie Roche

Fashion and beauty entrepreneur and designer Camila Coelho is making the most out of her time in isolation, while she’s holed up in Los Angeles with her husband, Icaro. The Daily reached out to find out how she’s coping in our new world and using her massive platform (8.7 million Instagram followers) to spread some much-needed positivity. 

Have you learned anything new about yourself since isolating?
This experience has taught me to really appreciate the simple things in life. Before this, I was always on the go and I had 3 months of international travel planned out. Now that we’re being forced to slow down and be with ourselves, I’ve done my best to keep a positive outlook and happy spirit. I think I’ve realized that I am happy just being home with my husband, and that if you were to take away all of the travel, amazing events and opportunities I am blessed to have, I will still be happy because I have my loved ones with me.

What has been the biggest change to your routine?
I am not packing a new suitcase every week to travel to a different city or country. I am also sleeping more and cooking more than I ever have, which has been so good for my mental health!

What do you miss most about life before the quarantine?
As a Latina, it’s in my blood to always want to kiss and hug those around me! I definitely miss the in-person human connection. I’m blessed to have my husband with me during this time.

What are you doing to decompress?
I’m listening to music a lot more than I ever did. Dancing is something I have loved since I was a little girl, so being able to dance around the house has been so fun and such a stress reliever for me. I also have been praying a lot more, especially for the healthcare workers on the frontline, and all those around the world who are facing adversity due to this virus. Being able to pray for them gives me faith and hope in this time.

How are you staying active?
I’ve been doing workouts from home with my trainer Danny online, which I’ve been sharing on my Instagram live so that everyone at home can do them with us! It’s been so amazing to see everyone do these with us, it makes me happy knowing it’s not just me staying active but a whole community that is following along too.

How’s your sleep?
I’ve been sleeping much better, the amount of hours I’ve always dreamed of — lucky number 9! I’m having a more deep REM sleep, because I’m not stressed or anxious about events or travel the next day. The routine that I have now at home is making me more calm and allowing me to sleep better for sure.

Are you doing anything to help others?
I’ve made contributions to Feeding America and Baby2Baby, two important non-profit organizations doing amazing work during this crisis, and I have encouraged my followers to do the same. I’ve also recently been appointed as a board member of the Epilepsy Foundation, a big role that I am so excited about, where I will continue to bring awareness to epilepsy and help others who have it like me to thrive.

I’ve also been using my platform to spread positivity, provide useful at-home tips, as well as share important factual information so that we can all stay healthy and stop the spread of the virus. In the past few weeks, I’ve teamed up with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to create a fun #safehands challenge video to show the importance of washing your hands frequently and for 40-60 seconds.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found yourself doing since you started isolating?
I’ve noticed that I’m talking to myself more. I’m not sure if it is healthy or a sign that I’m going crazy!

What are you most anxious about?
I’m anxious to know when this will all be over, thinking of how many more people will be sick and this will affect. That’s all I want to know, to know that the world is going to be okay so everyone can get back to their everyday lives.

What have you been watching on TV?
I feel like I’ve watched everything on TV now, so I’ve been watching a ton of movies lately! I’m trying to find a new series now that I’m finishing Madame Secretary. If you have a suggestion, please let me know!

Camila Coelho (Courtesy)

How has the experience changed your outlook?
It’s really made me realize how powerful social media and media in general are. It also made me realize how strong the human spirit is. We are connecting on a level that is unprecedented.

What has been the most surprising thing about this whole experience for you?
It may not be surprising, but seeing everyone stand up not just for their neighbor but stand together globally has been a beautiful sight. We are all one right now trying to help each other. I really hope we can take parts of this with us when it is all over with.

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