Calvin Klein’s White Label Enters New Waters

by Eddie Roche


Twice a year you can always count on Calvin Klein for a jaw dropping transformation of their presentation space and yesterday’s unveiling of their ‘white label’ Spring 2015 was no exception. Male and female mods showed sportswear, outerwear, jeans, and underwear, all while posing along the deck of an indoor swimming pool built just for the event. Yes, they somehow managed to build an INDOOR POOL (!!!!!) with their man of the moment Clark Bockelman dipping his toes into the water in his Calvin’s. “I wanted to have the spirit of California and L.A.,” the brand’s global creative director Kevin Carrigan told us during the presentation. “The whole set was based on a house that I’d seen in L.A. that I wanted to recreate. In the Spring and Summer seasons, we all want to lounge, we all want to escape.” CK fans can count on a color palette of chalk, white, black and gray balanced with vivid hues of cobalt blue and orange all very in tune with the heritage of the label. The presentation was also an opportunity for two launches; come spring look out for ‘Calvin Klein performance,’ a fitness line and ‘Calvin Klein Intense Power,’ a line of underwear in micro and cotton stretch or the new mesh air fx, all certain to make, well, a splash.



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