Calvin Klein white label Reveals "Fast Forward Minimalism"

by The Daily Front Row

Calvin Klein gave editors, stylists and bloggers a preview of their “white label” Spring collection during a presentation at their West 39th Street space yesterday morning. The label presented their apparel, jeans, swimwear, underwear, and accessories lines and creatively transformed the room into a maze surrounded by white chain-link fences and a blue sky projection that spanned the length of the room. What was the idea behind the fences? “It’s quite personal to me!” Calvin Klein’s global creative director Kevin Carrigan explained to us during the presentation. “When I moved here, Calvin brought me to New York and I lived in the West Village by 6th Avenue and Houston and there was that outdoor basketball court. It reminded me that, ‘Sh*t! Now I know I’m really in America.'” After 15 years with the brand, Carrigan is still looking to the future: “This is about fast forward minimalism,” he says about the white label. “It’s more urban and energetic.” Check out our Gallery to view more looks from the presentation and see what you’ll be taking to the streets come Spring. Shall we add there are cute boys and girls in their Calvin Klein undies? 

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