Buzz Fix: Manolo Blahnik & Linda Fargo

by Kristen Heinzinger

MAIN MAN with Manolo Blahnik

Congratulations! How are you feeling?
Suddenly I just can’t comprehend all of this, but it’s great. It’s a great honor and privilege.
Everybody wants a picture with you!
I’m not keen on my face in pictures, but I’m used to it now! My favorite radio program is Alec Baldwin’s, and he told me that I look much better in real life. I said, “Coming from you, sir! A professional beauty! That’s great!”
What are you going to do in New York for fun?
Fun? I don’t think I’m having any fun yet. Maybe in a week.



Let’s talk Manolo!
I remember when I first came to New York and went to Bergdorf’s and Manolo had his own little shop. It was that thing you dreamed of. They were on the forefront of aspiring to this beautiful and perfectly feminine shoe. There was always a dream built into his shoe. He was on to something. The shoe business, like the bag business, became incredibly dynamic after that.
Do you know Manolo?
I do. Not that well, but the first word that comes to my mind is that he’s a character. When you’re looking for anything, you want character!
Who are you wearing?
Veronica Beard, and my shoes are Saint Laurent. They match!

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