Brandon Maxwell Spring/Summer 2017

by Paige Reddinger

“Man, I feel like a woman.” Shania Twain’s girl-power anthem opened Brandon Maxwell’s show. The models came out in the simple, straightforward, and well-executed attire that appeals to women of all ages. Each look came in his usual minimal palette including white, black, blush, and olive. “He knows exactly what women want,” said more than a few women we overheard. Translation? The ultimate black gown to wear to not one but five events, for starters. And a white strapless dress with just the right amount of detail.

While Maxwell has celebrity dressing in the bag including BFF Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell, both perched front row, he already has a loyal clientele who are actually buying his collections. “We’ve had a lot of women buy the collection and they have not only bought the collection, but they’ve really come to me and supported me and I feel really excited by that,” said Maxwell. “You have to have a connection with the customer and even if you can’t be in the store everyday, it’s important to try and connect with them wherever you can. I try to be an open book and ask them questions about what they do and don’t like. It doesn’t offend me because I want to do better next time.” Maxwell already counts chic women like Lynn Wyatt among his clientele, who just so happens to be one of the richest women in Texas. It helps that Maxwell is both charming and humble—women fall for him as much as his clothes. Gaga sent a gaggle of shirtless hunks with balloons spelling out his name to wish him luck on the show (Instagram: @brandonmaxwell) and even the models seemed particularly devoted to the designer. “It’s so nice to go to a show and not have to be super serious and get to have fun,” said mod du moment Dilone backstage. “I think we all really try to do our best for Brandon because we all love him so much.” Maxwell doesn’t need to change things up or present a new “idea” each season—in just two short seasons, he has already landed a winning formula.

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