Brandon Maxwell, Laura Brown, Roopal Patel, and Steven Kolb on NYFW Today

by The Daily Front Row

The venues are changing, the schedule is condensed, and designers are taking their shows to different cities and streaming platforms. But NYFW is not going anywhere! That was the message from CFDA president and CEO Steven KolbInStyle EIC Laura Brown, Saks fashion director Roopal Patel, and designer Brandon Maxwell at Fashion Culture Design UnConference in NYC.

“The fashion industry has always been about change, but in recent times it has been disturbed,” Kolb said. “E-commerce, social media, have transformed the web,” which, he noted, makes designers want to change their show formats.

“Fashion Week is the foundation of what our industry is about,” Patel added. “It’s where the creativity, beauty, the genius, and the magic begin. I don’t think we can do our jobs without it. It’s about bringing the designers’ work to life. I think it’s very relative in what we do today. We have our top clients attend some of the fashion shows in New York and Milan. We have a great program we put together for them.”

As for the design side? “It’s about bringing the designers work to life, I think its very relative in what we do today,” Maxwell said.“Obviously it is! [Laughs] I think it’s less about selling the clothes but more about informing the viewers, who we are what we stand for.” And if Fashion Week ever disappears, “I will just do it at my house and everyone can come over!” he joked.

“The Instagram and those things and all of that really doesn’t mean anything to me,” he added, noting that his publicist was probably cringing. “It’s the experiences with the women and seeing my friends…I never go into it thinking how much money will we make out of it. I always think maybe some young girl can’t afford my clothes, but the show is what my brand has to say and if a young girl is seeing that than she will save up to buy something of mine. I think that people during this time are going towards more emotional driver items and that’s what the shows are for.” We feel you!


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