Brand Spotlight: Print Lovers Need To Put Brazilian Label Colcci On Their Radar

by Freya Drohan

Thanks to an ongoing obsession with prints and patterns, Brazilian brands continue to make a big impact on US customers. The likes of PatBo and newcomer FARM Rio have already made waves thanks to their unique and distinctive silhouettes and bold hues—and now Colcci is hoping to find a similarly passioned fanbase. And, thanks to a partnership with Macy’s, interest is piquing. Since launching on Macy’s e-commerce platform, items instantly began to sell out. We caught up with the brand to hear the backstory and what’s in the pipeline.

When was Colcci established?
Colcci was created in 1986, in Brusque, Santa Catarina. Colcci is now one of the most recognized fashion brands in Brazil— always presenting the newest and leading style trends. In the 2000s, the brand was acquired by the AMC Têxtil group, creating a true revolution in Brazil’s fashion industry.

Who are the designers behind Colcci?
Since 1988, Adriana Zucco has been a female style director, responsible for some of the brand’s most iconic moments. For example, Adriana oversaw Colcci’s parade of the Summer 2016—a historic moment that marked Gisele Bündchen’s last runway show after she served as a brand ambassador for several years. In addition to Adriana, Jeziel Moraes is the head of the creation of the male style.

What is the Colcci aesthetic/vibe all about?
Colcci celebrates Brazil, diversity, joy, and music and uses fashion as an instrument to enrich people’s souls, improve their self-esteem, and make them feel empowered.

What is the the fanbase like in Brazil?
Our audience is very diverse. It’s made up of young people who love prints and those who started wearing our brand as teenagers…who are now over 30! These “Colcci lovers” have been with us for decades. Our jeans and our Eco Soul line are also well known in the country.

Why does Colcci want to expand into the US? And why now?
Colcci is present in more than 15 countries around the world (including more than 150 points of sale in Latin America, Europe, and Asia). Colcci’s entry into the American market is a natural part of the brand’s ongoing internationalization strategy. The United States is the most important fashion hub in the world, which made us clearly interested in targeting to establish operations in this important market in order to further expand and grow our brand. The American public has shown a lot of interest in Brazilian fashion—especially the colors, prints, shapes, and the sense of joy that Brazilian fashion represents.

How did the Macy’s partnership come about?
Our first interaction with Macy’s was when we invited the lead buyer to visit our showroom in Dallas to show her the collection. She loved the line so much that right then and there she approved the brand to be part of their Spring Summer collection. Colcci’s entry into Macy’s e-commerce platform is part of the brand’s internationalization strategy, which has been very well received in America. The print design is very sought after, so the brand focused on these items. More than 10% of such items sold out in the first seven days of sales at Macy’s, which underscores how much our brand is desired in the American market!

What is Colcci’s hope for this partnership with Macy’s?
In addition to continuing to grow our consumer base, we would like to get more exposure in America—ultimately becoming a household brand name. We carry pieces that reflect who we are as a brand. Following our strong early results, we are already negotiating with Macy’s around upcoming collections—including an opportunity for Colcci to be present in five of Macy’s top physical stores within a year and a half.

What makes Brazilian fashion unique?
Apex-Brasil [The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency]: Brazil’s fashion brands have become globally known for their diversity and pluralism—reflecting the country’s various local cultures–combining colors, prints, and techniques to craft distinctive pieces with a strong creative DNA. Much of Brazil’s growth in the international fashion industry can be attributed to the country’s high-end brands that showcase these characteristics such as Osklen, FARM, PatBo, and Adriana Degreas.

What about beachwear? That must be huge.
Apex-Brasil: Moreover, given the country’s warm climate, beach fashion items like bikinis, swimwear, and resort wear are a regular part of the average Brazilian’s wardrobe. Brazilian beachwear is known for not only incorporating unique print and shapes, but also encompassing all body types – a reflection of our cultural melting pot. Brazilians also crave originality across all aspects of fashion. For example, stemming from the northeast region of the country, the use of Alagoas lace and other hand-made embroideries has recently gained popularity both domestically and worldwide–even appearing in mainstream American fashion worn by celebrities like Camila Cabello and Gina Rodriguez.


What can Americans learn from a Brazilian woman’s approach to style, fashion, and getting dressed?
Apex-Brasil: Americans looking to incorporate elements of a Brazilian woman’s approach to fashion should select inclusive and creative styles that mirror the country’s laid-back culture–while retaining its elegance, grace, and vibrant color palate. It’s worth noting that many Brazilian women often look for distinctive and creative clothing that matches their personality. In fact, if you were to ask any Brazilian woman about their personal style or design preferences, you’re likely to find that they are unafraid to go against the norm, leaning into the country’s unique brands to highlight their unique and independent spirits.

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