Body Language Revealed! Karl Lagerfeld and Linda Evangelista

by The Daily Front Row

We asked our resident body language expert Patti Wood to decode your “non-verbal” behavior! Karl Lagerfeld and Linda Evangelista are in the hot seat today!

Look at his toe! See how his toes are pointing out and his feet are apart slightly? He knows he has to face toward that camera and that part of his stance is very confident. But you see how the whole upper torso, from the waist up, is turned away? This is one of those photographs where it is about what is going on in that particular instance than about how two people feel about each other. Her feet show she wants to be seen with him. She is doing what is called the ‘love v’ towards him. Which is really interesting for a model because whenever I usually read models feet it’s about them being skinny, when one foot is placed oddly in front of the other. She’s decidedly not doing that, so it says to me that her relationship with him is very important and she wants to be seen as having a good fun relationship with him. She is also having a good evening, if you look at how straight up and down her posture is, and her eye looking upwards.”

About Patti: A recognized expert in the field of body language analysis, Wood is the author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma.

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