Body Language Revealed: Harald Glööckler and Amanda Lepore

by The Daily Front Row

What’s really going on in this shot of designer Harald Glööckler (we adore!) and his pal Amanda Lepore? The Daily put our resident body language expert, Patti Wood on the case…

“One of the most important things to notice is how his hand is at his neck. That is called a ‘comfort cue.’ It’s usually done by women when they’re really uncomfortable. At this moment I think he is very uncomfortable with her showing off and he wants to be more center stage. See how his foot is out and forward? He doesn’t like that she taking the stage and being so sexually obvious. See how his chin goes down and his eyes placement towards her with that judgment look on his face? The combination of that comfort cue and the face shows his lack of comfort with what she’s doing, and the foot placement says, I am either trying to block her and I want to be up front. The most telling part about her, besides the fact that she has her chest out, is look at her chin and how it goes up. That shows that she is very confident with how good she looks, that chin above center line shows extreme confidence and superiority. See how it’s angled over towards him? She is showing him up.”   

About Patti: A recognized expert in the field of body language analysis, Wood is the author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma.

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