BMW Wants All Eyes on Gigi

by Kristen Heinzinger

Gigi Hadid continues to pop up everywhere—Vogue covers! The FLAs! Music videos! Car commericials?! Yup! BMW tapped the busy mod to debut its first-ever M2 in a new commercial. In a teaser video, Gigi walks up to a cool blue M2. “This is the first-ever BMW M2. But you’re looking at Gigi Hadid right now, aren’t you? Good.” Caught us!

In the second video, Gigi pops into the passengers side of one of a row of five M2s before they all zoom off (who’s driving?!). As the cars zig-zag in and out of the shot, BMW wants us to keep our eyes on Gigi and guess which M2 she’s in when they reach the finish line. Take a shot at (Full disclosure: It took us five tries to guess the right one.)

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