Bill Wackermann’s Hamptons How-To

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Bill Wackermann

Condé Nast Traveler’s EVP and publishing director, Bill Wackermann knows a thing or two about vacationing like a pro. His off-duty M.O.? Bopping from town to town, basking in the sun, and loading up on beer and tacos.

Mode of Transport: “Behind the wheel of a Range Rover in traffic on 27, like everyone else.”

Traffic Tip: “Get off 27 before Water Mill or you’re toast.”

Pit Stop: “I’m 100 percent Hess-obsessed: Power bars, Diet Coke, The New York Post, and a Chase ATM. I could live there.”

Housing Set-Up: “We just sold our East Hampton place, so I took a page from my gig at Traveler and we’re hoteling it this summer in a different hotel every weekend. It’s actually been incredible.”

’Hood Hopping: “I’m addicted to flipping! Each time I say, ‘This is the house’. Three years later, I get the itch. I’ve had homes in North Haven, East Hampton village, and East Hampton’s woods.”

Beach Read: The Goldfinch

House Envy: “I’m most jealous of [Traveler editor-in-chief] Pilar Guzman and [husband] Chris Mitchell’s renovation on Dunemere. They have the chicest taste.”

Dessert Order: “Nah! Wait until September for dessert.”

Brunch Place: “It’s too nice outside. Again, let’s wait for September for that.”

Signature Pour: “Peroni on draft at Cittanuova.”

Dinner Must: “Friday-night tuna-poke tacos at Bostwick’s will change your life.”

Summer Sport: “Tennis at East Hampton High School. The courts are beautiful, and it’s free.”

Sweat Sesh: “My partner, Mark, and I are big Barry’s Bootcampers. Most mornings start there.”

Guilty Pleasure: “Celeb spotting. Who doesn’t love seeing Madonna or Gwynnie with the kids?”

Travel Tip: “The best doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of my most memorable evenings have involved a fire at Georgica Beach and ordering Claws on Wheels.”

Packing 101: “Always bring a couple of cashmere sweaters. The movie theaters are cold.”

Passé Fashion: “I’ve been guilty of this, but enough with the gingham and bow ties, boys. We got the memo. Next!”

Style Redux: “Short shorts need to make a comeback. Think Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. There was a lot of leg back then!”

PLUS! Condé’s Bronzed Adonis Talks Tanning

You’re rocking a pretty serious tan, Bill. What’s your SPF number?
I’d love to say 30, but I’m a St. Tropez, SPF 8 kinda guy.

What’s your favorite water-related activity?
Laying in the sand.

Pool or beach?
Definitely the beach. The last house I owned didn’t even have a pool!

And the best beach is…?
Two Mile Hollow.

Who makes your trunks?
Parke & Ronen.

How do you feel about flip-flops?
I’m team flip-flop. It’s summer, who cares? Be comfortable.

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