Beyoncé-approved Workout AARMY Launches New Fitness App

by Freya Drohan

Are you ready to amp up your at-home sweat sessions? AARMY is here for you. The popular studio, which is backed by Jay-Z and NBA player Chris Paul, has launched its first app and digital subscription program. With over 20 endorphin-boosting bootcamp, cycling, and recovery workouts already available, the new virtual offering manages to mimic the in-studio experience. After taking just one challenging (but rewarding!) class, it’s easy to see why AARMY counts Beyoncé, Usher, Queen Latifah, Karlie Kloss, and Kelly Rowland among its legion of fans. Co-founder Angela Manuel-Davis told the Daily about what to expect from the celebrity-adored fitness concept.

What do you think makes AARMY’s classes appealing to everyone?
Because it actually is for everyone. We are truly out here fighting for your best life with you! AARMY is a group of individuals/soldiers that decided to pursue our best together as a united team. A community where we hold each other accountable and to a higher standard.

What was the process like trying to get this digital venture off the ground?
Our coaching is such a vibe and an experience that the capture of that required the most focus. We really wanted anyone that had experienced us live to have a parallel experience with the digital app. So the process was very intentional. We pressed to launch even in such uncertain times, which didn’t discourage us, but actually encouraged us to provide something of great substance to meet such a critical moment.”

How do you strive to replicate the feeling and energy of a studio class in digital format?
By making it experimental!

What equipment do users need at home to participate in the workouts. Can people at home perform them as body-weight only/use props found around the house?
Absolutely! Use whatever you have; just move! And even if you don’t have a bike, join the cycling practice anyway and go on a run, walk, hop on the treadmill, elliptical, anything… or just dance with me!

What’s a failsafe mantra that always gives you the motivation to exercise? (We all need one these days!)
Change your mind, change your body, change your life! Change your mind about what you think is possible for yourself, so you can change your body, and get strong enough in your body to change your life and live the life you were always intended to live!

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