Iconic Jewelers Betteridge Is Your One Stop Shop For All Things Luxe

by Freya Drohan

Selecting jewelry is a personal and emotional experience, and no one knows this better than the Betteridge family. When it comes to fine jewelry and watches, the historic brand has long been the first word in excellence and service in Palm Beach and beyond. The ever-chic and knowledgeable Natalie Betteridge, who alongside her husband Win and sister-in-law Brooke, is carrying on the legacy of their ancestors, tells The Daily about her wish list–worthy pieces and what everyone needs to know about their jewel of a store on Worth Avenue.

Where does the Betteridge story begin?
We’re a fifth-generation family jeweler, known for fine jewelry and watches. The Betteridge family was involved in jewelry design and silversmithing as far back as the early 1700s in England, but our journey to becoming a destination for fine jewelry in America begins with the store that was founded in 1897 on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. Two other locations soon followed: Wall Street and Broadway, and a boutique in the Miami Biltmore Hotel. The Betteridge headquarters moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, in the 1950s.

The Betteridge family archive must be so interesting to peruse!
Yes, my father-in-law, Terry, has kept documents, photos, and records from the inception.

Brooke (L) and Natalie Betteridge (courtesy)

Where are your stores located?
Today, we have locations in Greenwich, Palm Beach, Vail, and Aspen. In each store, our dedicated experts offer services like bespoke design, engraving, appraisals, counsel, and watch and jewelry repair.

Tell us about the Betteridge offering in Palm Beach. What do we need to know?
Betteridge has been a part of the Palm Beach community since 2006, located just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. Our Worth Avenue store is in the well-known Greenleaf & Crosby boutique from the 1920s. It still boasts the store’s original Art Deco features, facade, and the Henry Flagler–era mahogany cases and wall units. In Palm Beach, we’re particularly known for our classic gemstones and pearls, and extraordinary estate pieces. We’ve become a destination for major collectors from all over the world.

What brands do you carry there?
Two highlights include Verdura, an iconic New York– based brand with a fabulous history, and Buccellati, a top Italian family-run brand. Lucrezia Buccellati, the co-creative director of the brand, is the fourth generation of the family to join the firm. She’s involved in the design process and brings a fresh, youthful perspective to the brand. We also have Aletto Brothers, Bielka, Davidor, Dorota, Goshwara, Mark Davis,Marina B, Paul Morelli, Peggy Stephaich Guinness, Silvia Furmanovich, and Vhernier.

Your Instagram account shows your exquisite taste. What’s a brand you’re personally excited about?
Fernando Jorge, a contemporary designer from Brazil. He’s a new name we’re carrying, and I love the cool, sexy vibe of his pieces. His collections are sensuous and feminine, so he’s one of my personal favorites.


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You also have an in-house brand!
We design and manufacture fine jewelry at our in-house workshops, which are staffed by some of the finest craftsmen in the world. It’s largely custom orders and engagement rings. That’s what we’re known for. We also have the Astra collection—diamond clusters, studs, and pendants in an iconic flower shape. That’s been a classic Betteridge design for decades.

What makes working in the industry so magical?
The community we have as a company, including the people in the trade that we work with. And making miracles happen for customers. It’s incredible when someone is looking for something specific; I also love being involved in the engagement ring process. Recently, a close friend wanted a ring for his fiancée. I happened to be at a trade show in Miami and I found the diamond that he needed. We were able to work with it and set it in the ring within a week! He proposed three days later and she loved it. It’s special moments like that, it’s indescribable.

What’s one thing from Betteridge that’s on your fantasy holiday wish list this year?
We just received this incredible necklace; it would be an “in my dreams” piece. It’s a collar necklace with five graduating rows of diamonds set in a mesh-like matrix. I had it on this morning and didn’t want to take it off! It’s designed by a relatively unknown Italian designer whose pieces we carry, and this one is extra spectacular. As for something that’s more attainable, for me personally, there’s a pair of earrings that Fernando Jorge does that are cool; they consist of four cascading snake chains in a loop and are wearable for any occasion. I also love Vedura’s 2½ Buck Ring, featuring the $2.50 quarter eagle gold coin, first commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, in a setting designed by Fulco di Verdura in 1946. There’s also our Astra pendants. They’re wearable, everyday pieces. I have the studs, and I literally wear them every day.

We see that you have a background in figure skating! Do you think that discipline and dedication have helped in your jewelry career?
Definitely. That was my passion for so many years. When I stopped, it was hard to find something else I was equally as passionate about. I was fortunate to meet my husband and be introduced to the jewelry world and put my all into it. I wanted to learn about the industry, so I immersed myself and tried to soak up as much as possible. I feel blessed and thrilled that jewelry has supplanted my figure-skating passion

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