Betsey Johnson’s Best Red Carpet Moments And Beyond At The CFDA Awards

by Eddie Roche

We caught a quick moment with the always-delightful Betsey Johnson last night after she received her Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement honor at the CFDA Awards. We’ll let the inimitable designer explain the night in her own words. And don’t forget to check out her finest photo ops from the Awards (and afterparty!) in our gallery… 

How did tonight feel?
Terrifying and beyond religious. I left my daughter tonight crying because she was like, ‘I don’t know when’s the next time I’m going to see you do this again.’ [The Award] is the biggest change, the biggest acknowledgement…thank you very much! I wish I could jump in and enjoy things more, but I’m so terrified about going up to the stage and giving a public speech. But I did okay.

Did you practice? 
Yesterday in rehearsal, I messed up the whole thing, to the point where I was like, ‘T
here’s no way I can be like this tomorrow night.’ I’m such a worrywart. But I also have my house for sale in the Hamptons. The movers are coming Friday. I have the show that I have to plan by Tuesday, because I’m going to California on Wednesday; I’ll be there for a month.

What do you think of Robin Givhan’s Washington Post article on you?
I didn’t read it yet, but people are talking about it. I don’t go online or text and pull things up.

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