What’s Your Best Summer Ever? Volume III

by Sydney Sadick

The Daily wonders…What’s your best summer ever?

“Every summer is the best summer ever. I love it so damn much. The sun is out, people are happy, and everybody looks better with a tan, no matter what your dermatologist tells you.” Hal Rubenstein

“Three years ago, I went to Morocco and did a road trip from Fez to Chefchaouen to Tangier. I saw the different landscapes of the country and how it changes from desert to green to flourishing forests.” Mia Moretti

“This summer, I went to Miami with my boyfriend for his best friend’s wedding and we chilled on the beach.” Maria Borges

“I can’t remember any summers—I drink a lot. But 1987 came together great—I stole a Gucci suit and wore it all summer.” Joel McHale

Any summer when I can eat vegan ice cream on the beach, wherever it is, in the shade because I’m a white Goth—I need to protect my pale complexion.” —Soko

“This summer has been awesome. Every day has been a new adventure—vacationing in Hawaii, Seattle, and Portland and working on an exciting optical project.” Timo Weiland

“Going to Greece with my sister two years ago, but I also like hiding in the summer.” Eva Fehren

“Being on the lake that I grew up near, Il Lago Maggiore, next to Milano, eating Italian food, and having a nice glass of wine and relaxing in the summer breeze.” Anna Cleveland

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