Industry Intel: The 7 Best Fashion Long Reads of the Week

by Freya Drohan

Wondering what’s happening in the world of fashion, influencers, beauty, and culture? Let our weekly round-up of industry deep dives be your cheat sheet.

Consider your dinner party conversation topics sorted for the weekend!

1.All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go (the New York Times)

TL;DR: Ruth LaFerla interviews an array of eclectic dressers, including Leandra Medine, Advanced Style’s Ari Seth Cohen, and Lyn Slater of @accidentalicon, about the “joy of being their own muse” now that the street is no longer their catwalk.

2. Meet the Model Agency Fighting Body Fascism (the Guardian)

TL;DR: U.K.-based Zebedee Management, an agency that represents models with disabilities and visual differences,  has an impressive array of clients but laments that “progress often feels painfully slow” as only 0.06% of adverts feature disabled people. Here’s how they’re striving for better representation…

3. Why Every Brand Now Needs to Behave Like a Health and Wellness Brand (Fast Company)

TL;DR: Chief Creative Officer Eric Weisburg explains how health and wellness brands build trust and empathy in consumers and what all companies can learn from them—in both action and design.

4. How Zerina Akers created Black is King’s fashion fantasy (Dazed)

TL;DR: Bey’s longtime stylist dishes on the creative process behind the artist’s passion project, and how she sourced, commissioned, and secured more outfit changes than one would think possible for the 85 minute film.

5. What Fashion and Beauty Needs to Know About Reels (Vogue Business)

TL;DR: Reels has been criticized as a copycat feature, but it could hold massive potential for fashion brands, which have only started to warm up to TikTok.

(Bonus reads! Scammers are Already Selling Fake Views on Reels and We Tested Instagram Reels, the TikTok Clone. What a Dud)

6. “What Constitutes Infringement?” is the Question at the Center of Latest Chanel v. WGACA Clash (The Fashion Law

TL;DR: Chanel and luxury consignment store What Goes Around Comes Around have been locked in a high-stakes legal battle that puts a spotlight on the multi-billion dollar resale economy. The latest turn of events? A judge stated that Chanel must specify with “particularity and detail” the products that What Goes Around Comes Around sold that are not genuine; that were falsely advertised; or that were acquired under circumstances in which the first sale doctrine does not apply. WGACA alleges that Chanel is responsible for an “ongoing abuse of the discovery process” and a “continued pattern of Chanel seeking to destroy [the store] through the weight of litigation and an onslaught of false claims.”  Gulp!

7. How Social Justice Slideshows Took Over Instagram (Vox)

TL;DR: PowerPoint activism is everywhere on Instagram thanks to influencers and brands. Writer Terry Nguyen investigates why these posts look so familiar…..

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