Bergdorf Goodman Has the Most Insanely Amazing Splurges This Season

by The Daily Front Row
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Goop isn’t the only provider of extravagant gifts this holiday season. Bergdorf Goodman has long carried some out-of-this world luxury pieces. With that in mind, here are some of The Daily‘s favorite items on the retailer’s website. These pieces really put the “I wish” in wish list!

1. A Hot Dog-Shaped Sofa
This couch is some surreal, pop-art amazingness. Plus, I have a feeling the weenie provides great lumbar support.

Hot Dog Sofa, SELETTI (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $7,100

2. A Hamburger-Shaped Chair to Match
Complete the delicious set! No, but really — the leather seat and tufted velvet bun is just *chef’s kiss* (pun very much intended).

Burger Chair, SELETTI (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $4.950

3. Versace Pool Toy
Because those flamingo pool floats that were all over Instagram last summer are très basic.

Inflatable Pool Float, VERSACE (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $250

4. A Cooler That Looks Like a Fiat
It also comes in white!

Red Electric Cooler, FIAT X SMEG (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $12,000

5. Baccarat Playing Cards
If you look closely, the cards are all decorated with Baccarat tableware.

Deck of Cards, BACCARAT (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $95

6. A Fancy Golfball
I’m tempted to get this for my dad, but he will absolutely lose it in the sand trap.

Queen Victoria Golf Ball, HEREND (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $110

7. A Multi-Bottle Wine Dispenser
Were you the kind of kid that got excited about fast-food restaurants just because they had the soda dispenser that let you pour it yourself? This is the adult version of that. This wine station has a sophisticated temperature control system which keeps your wine fresh for up to 60 days. No more rushing to finish a bottle before opening up the next one!

Wine Station, NAPA TECHNOLOGY (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $7,500

8. An Artistic Nativity Scene
This would be perfect in Rick Owens’ house, right?

9. Cameo Soaps Depicting Inspiring Women
For all the strong, amazing women in your life: the prettiest soap in the world.

Cameo Soaps, VILAINES FILLES MAUVAIS GARCONS (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $35 each

10. A Show-Stopping Refrigerator 
Why should your living and bed rooms be the only ones to have accent pieces? If you have a “more is more” attitude, good news: the fridge is part of an entire collection. Feel free to deck out your kitchen with a matching stove, stove hood, and even smaller appliances like a blender and toaster.

Saint Genevieve Refrigerator, DOLCE & GABBANA X SMEG (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $50,000

11. A Golden Toilet Brush
Because your porcelain throne deserves the best. Sadly, this is not real gold.

Studio Job Charley Resin Toilet Brush, SELETTI (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $140

12. A Leather-bound Dessert Cart
Sadly, this MCM dessert/bar cart is already sold out. Luckily, you can still get other items in the collection, including coasters, trays, and even an ice box.

Dessert Cart, MCM X NEIMAN MARCUS (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $1,500

13. Versace Boxing Gloves
The complete sports collection also includes soccer balls, a football, ping pong paddles, and even a skateboard.

Barocco Boxing Gloves, VERSACE (Available at Bergdorf Goodman), $3,275

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