Behind The Lens: Chris Fabregas on Creativity, Change and Prosperity

by The Daily Front Row

Chris Fabregas’ career started at a photography contest at 8 years old, fast forward to the present day the artist to the stars still has a camera in hand wherever he goes and a passion for the outdoors.

He sat down with DFRW to discuss the ever-changing world of art, passion, success and more.

How did you get into photography?

CF: I was 8 when I stumbled into photography through a school contest, and to my surprise, I won. It was probably just beginner’s luck, but it got me hooked. I became captivated by the art of capturing moments through the lens of a camera. In between playing sports and school, I would always have a camera with me. I love the outdoors so it was easy to photograph nature’s beauty. It wasn’t until 2018 that I took the leap and decided to turn my passion into a profession. I began selling my landscape prints professionally

What was it about photography that made you realize it was the right match for you?

CF: Photography just clicked for me (no pun intended) when I discovered the joy of capturing moments in time. Winning a school photo contest at 8 sparked my love for it. I found myself captivated by the art of telling stories through a camera lens. With a passion for the outdoors, capturing nature’s beauty felt like second nature. In 2018, I thought, “Why not turn this love into a profession?” It’s been a fantastic journey ever since! It’s nice when you enjoy your profession and it doesn’t feel like work.

Every artist brings a unique aspect to their work, what do you think is yours?

CF: I’d say my unique touch lies in capturing the genuine emotions and stories behind the moments I photograph. I want the person viewing my photos to get lost in the scene I’ve captured. I’d like the viewer to take the time to look around and wish they were in that moment or can feel themselves in that space. I want each image to resonate with the observer and to genuinely feel the emotion conveyed in my photos.

When you create a piece, what is the thinking behind it?

CF: As a photographer, I aim to create stunning images that evoke powerful emotions and stories. Before I even snap a shot, I ask myself whether it would be worthy of hanging in someone’s home. From selecting the perfect scenery to lighting and composition, every decision is made to tell a captivating story and transport viewers to the scene. My ultimate goal is for people to connect with nature, experience its beauty, and immerse themselves in the moment. Through my lens, I hope to capture the essence of a place and inspire others to embrace the joys of the outdoors!

Your artwork has found its way into the homes of Hollywood stars and elite athletes; what do you believe attracts them to your art?

CF: It’s been an incredible journey connecting with celebrities from Hollywood and the sports world through my art! I think what draws them in is the genuine emotions and stories embedded in each piece. I aim to create images that resonate with people. Maybe they see a bit of themselves in the scenes, or perhaps it sparks a powerful emotion. People usually purchase a piece of art they have a strong connection to. It’s all about sharing those universal feelings and experiences, and I’m thrilled that it’s resonating with such a diverse audience

You love being in nature and have captured some of the most beautiful artistic imagery, what’s the process behind a typical shoot?

CF: The beginning of my photo adventure starts with some fun research and planning. I check out cool apps that not only tell me about the weather but also predict if the sunset or sunrise will be fantastic. I also play around on Google Maps to discover fresh places or cool angles for familiar spots. Having the right gear is a big deal too! I carefully pick out my cameras, lenses, and accessories. I set up the camera to make sure I capture the perfect picture with just the right lighting and focus. I bring along important stuff like a tripod, lens filters, and any extras I might need – sometimes even some extra snacks for a tasty treat! I know I’ve got the perfect shot when several elements align.

First, it’s often a gut feeling. There’s a sense of excitement and satisfaction when I know I’ve captured something special. It’s that ‘aha’ moment when everything comes together, and I feel a connection with the subject or scene. Second, Does the image evoke emotion or convey the story I want to tell? Does it capture the perfect moment in time where the viewer can get lost in the scene? Third, it’s about technical aspects like focus, exposure, and composition. The image should be sharp, well-exposed, and composed in a way that guides the viewer’s eye to the subject. Also, I want the lighting, colors, and mood to be harmonious. Lastly, feedback from peers and mentors can also be valuable. Sometimes, a second opinion helps validate whether an image truly stands out.

Art has gone through a lot of change, what do you think the biggest change in photography has been?

CF: Photography has undergone a huge transformation in the last 20 years. Imagine going from film cameras to digital ones – it has changed the game. With digital cameras, you can snap pics and see them right away, no waiting for film to develop! It’s nice to get instant feedback. Most high-end digital cameras are now mirrorless which is changing the game. Editing got a major upgrade as well – newer software lets photographers enhance images like never before. You can replace skies, clone out unwanted objects, and even enlarge your photo to be printed crystal clear at a larger size. Social media platforms make it so easy to share shots with the whole world in an instant. More people around the world can see your photos.

However, the newest change to photography will be AI. The pros of AI are that your camera can recognize scenes, suggest perfect settings, and even enhance your shots. It’ll make editing a breeze, helping you create stunning photography effortlessly. There are also cons of AI. With some software being so realistic you can just type in a description and the program will deliver a scene in a matter of seconds. This could potentially replace a lot of photography jobs and even artwork. Even worse AI can be used to create highly realistic fake images, raising ethical concerns about the misuse of the technology for deceptive or malicious purposes.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist?

CF: Experiencing the joy of connecting with individuals who express the significance of my photographs is truly one of the most rewarding feelings. Hearing people share how a particular image holds deep meaning for them or rekindles cherished memories is immensely gratifying. Knowing that my work resonates with people and has the power to evoke emotions is incredibly fulfilling. It’s these moments that remind me why I’m passionate about photography and inspire me to keep pushing my creative boundaries.

When taking the perfect shot, do you ever imagine what the end piece will look like in a frame or home?

CF: Absolutely! Capturing the perfect shot is like composing a piece of art for me. I can’t help but imagine how it’ll come to life in a frame or hanging on someone’s wall. It’s not just about the moment frozen in time; it’s about envisioning the emotions it will evoke and the stories it will tell in a home.

You’ve built a loyal fanbase through social media, will you be doing any physical activations to bring your fanbase to life?

CF: I appreciate the interest on social media around the idea of physical activations or popups. While I don’t have immediate plans for a pop-up, it’s something I’ve considered for the future. Photography is a passion of mine, and I’m always exploring new avenues to share my work with a wider audience. A pop-up could be a fantastic way to showcase my collection and connect with art enthusiasts. So, stay tuned! While it’s not happening now, there’s a chance it might be on the horizon.


Have you done anything different as an artist, since the pandemic?

CF: Definitely! When the COVID pandemic hit its peak, I launched an inspiring art campaign that featured a lion’s face along with the message, “Never let fear speak louder than your dreams.” I sold this image as a fine art wall decor on canvas. It was perfect for people who were stuck at home looking at their walls every day. I decided to take it one step further and took over a billboard in Times Square with this image hoping to spread positivity during challenging times. The thought behind this was simple: I believe in the healing and motivational power of art, especially when the world is facing fear and uncertainty. Times Square, being a global icon, was the perfect spot to reach people from all walks of life. My campaign had a straightforward message – even in the darkest hours, your dreams and aspirations are worth chasing. I aimed to encourage people to face their fears and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles. It’s all about fostering hope and resilience during tough times, and it was heartwarming to see how this message resonated with so many.

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like creating?

CF: I have a great appreciation for the outdoors. Sometimes, taking a road trip and exploring a new area is a huge inspiration for my photography. Living in the Pacific Northwest there are so many beautiful places to capture that it’s hard not to take a great picture. There are also so many great photographers on social media that it helps to get a boost of creativity and inspiration from looking at their work.

What are you currently working on?

CF: I have recently created a new brand called, EVERTREE. My mission is to create exceptional posters, stickers, and clothing that celebrate the unique spirit of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With each product, I aim to ignite creativity, encourage exploration, and contribute to a community that cherishes diverse landscapes and cultures.

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