Beene There, Done That

by Daniel Chivu

(NEW YORK) Despite warnings of a Gotham City blizzard, the Waldorf Astoria was buzzing last night for the 45th Annual YMA FSF Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards Dinner hosted by Mary Alice Stephenson. The glitzy soiree honored over 100 scholarship-toting students along with Manny Chirico, Jeff Kantor, and Visionaire founders Cecilia Dean, Stephan Gan, and James Kariliardos. Dani Stahl, Annabel Tollman, Zanna Roberts, Glenda Bailey, Ruben and Isabel Toledo were all in attendance while a frazzled Diane von Furstenberg slipped in during dinner.

As guests sipped on the free-flowing bubbly in the cocktail room, our Lanvin-clad presenter worked the crowd and opened up about her personal involvement with the event. “I was in this exact same place that a lot of these kids were,” Stephenson shared. “Growing up in middle America, in Michigan. No one in my family was into fashion. It was my dream, and I was obsessed. I want to do everything I can to support them.” Zanna Roberts, in Michael Kors, had something else in mind. “I’m here for us. As an editor, I want to see the next new designers and help them grow.” Glenda Bailey agreed. “I can’t think of any better award winners for this particular award. I’m also here for Cecilia, Stephan, and James because they’ve done an exceptional job. We all feel totally inspired by Visionare. I think students look at them and are so inspired by what they contribute to this industry.”


p>Filing into the grand dining hall for crispy orange chicken, baby bok choi with pickled ginger, and steamed shrimp dumplings,The Daily caught up with a smiling Ruben Toledo as Isabel posed for the flashing bulbs. What brings the Toledo twosome out tonight? Simply stated: “We loved Geoffrey Beene.” Reminiscing about his old friend, Ruben said, “He was shy. Really funny. He’s got a great sense of humor. He’s a perfectionist. He’s superstitious about everything. And I’m superstitious so we clicked on that right away. When I first met him, he said ‘Oh, don’t stand on this side of me! That’s bad luck.’ He was an amazing man. That’s what creativity is about. American creativity is Mr. Beene.”

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