Beauty Spotlight: Red Cherry Eyelashes’ Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls™ Collection

by Taylor Harris

What: A limited-edition set of luxury lashes inspired by the iconic characters of Jacqueline Susann’s best-selling “Valley of the Dolls”. The set includes four pairs of eyelashes to reflect every mood. The Anne is the most natural set with medium volume that accents your own lashes — great for an everyday look. The Jennifer is also light to medium volume but is shaped to give a messy, super natural effect. The Neely is bold and feathery with strong volume, for when a girl wants a little attention. The Jacqueline is for when a girl wants a lot of attention. It’s the most dramatic of the four with extra high volume and thickness.

Who: Red Cherry Eyelashes.

Why: Because while most days we’re an Anne, some nights you’re bound to be a Neely — the set reflects all of our inner dolls.

A still from “Valley of the Dolls” the film.

Where: Red Cherry Eyelashes, AmazonRicky’s, and select Beauty Salon Plus nationwide.

How (much): $34.95 for the set of four.

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