10 Heavenly Beauty Products to Help Pull You Through

by Tangie Silva

Inhale and exhale! In the ongoing fight to find positivity in this time of pandemic, we’ve pulled together some beauty products to perk you up (or calm you down). Support the industry — it is marching on — but make sure the deliveries are left outside your door and give them a good wipe before you bring them in.

1. PATCHOLOGY Moodpatch “Perk Up” Energizing Tea-Infused Aromatherapy Eye Gels, $15
Infused with green tea, pine leaf, bergamot, and white mulberry extracts these eye gels are pulling double-duty. The combination not only is energizing with antioxidants but calming as well. The aromatics are supposed to help engage the mind and improve focus but also help calm dehydrated areas around the eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness and find your Zen.

2. AESOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, $30
Everyone’s well-washed hands could all use a little resurrection, no? Slather on this fragrant cream to soften your digits – make sure to massage into the cuticles too. Bonus: the citrus, woodsy smell with a blend of Mandarin rind, rosemary and cedar atlas.

3. DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE B3 Adaptive SuperFoods Stress Rescue Super Serum, $74
Dr. Gross has blended a powerhouse of so many superfoods and other highly scientific ingredients we can’t even count them! In layman’s terms, all of these engineered microcapsules will boost absorption to help correct and even prevent stress-induced aging. Bye, worry lines!

4. DR. BARBARA STURM Anti-Pollution Drops, $145
You might not be hitting the streets like you used to but these drops not only fight daily pollution but more importantly protect against blue light. And we’re all getting maximum exposure to that thanks to our daily diet of computers and phones which also cause aging.


5. HERBIVORE Jade Facial Roller, $30
We’re going to go old school with the new favorite trend of facial rolling. The beauty ritual has been around since ancient China and not only helps firm the skin but is also very relaxing! De-stress while supporting your lymphatic system. Plus, jade is a stone that’s supposed to promote peace and harmony. Who couldn’t use that right now?

6. INDIE LEE I-Recover Soak, $42
Take a tip from one of our Cabin Fever Diaries’ contributors, VS Angel Alexina Graham! She’s taking two luxe baths a day and here’s a body soak you need for your regime. Not only is it a soak but also a body scrub. To ease any tension, sore muscles get massaged with a blend of Dead Sea and Himalayan salts paired with arnica, black pepper and patchouli essential oils. Rosemary, lavender and sage oils smooth the skin while invigorating eucalyptus will give you an aromatic boost!

7. BLISS Rose Gold Rescue Soothing Toner Mist, $12
It’s the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day. Infused with not only calming rose flower water it also has colloidal gold in it. No, not the expensive stuff found in your jewelry but an element that’s been used as a metaphysical tool to help achieve deep states of meditation, higher levels of consciousness, and spiritual purification. It’s also said to relieve stress, elevate mood, relax the body, and have a calming effect on the nerves. Use it as a toner or even over makeup…if you’re still wearing it! Plus, it simply just smells amazing.

8. DIPTYQUE Invigorating Body Balm, $68
Another product that’s a must for its scent alone. Catania and Sicily blood oranges are combined with clementines, lemons, sweet oranges…so TONS of citrus goodness. Volcanic soil from Etna adds a toning effect too. When applied, the balm is said to feel like “the pulp of fruit enveloping the skin.” Apply after you shower and it can even been used on the tips of your hair. Get experimental!

9. BEAUTYBIO GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool, $199
We know all microneedling in the dermatologist’s office is strictly forbidden now. This little magic tool will give you similar results from the safety of your own home. Gently run it over you skin 4 to 10 times to stimulate a natural healing response that restores volume to your face. What’s that mean for you? Plump, firm skin to bring back a youthful look. Apply your usual serums and creams within a minute – timing is everything – for maximum effect.

10. DIOR Dreamskin Youth Perfecting Mask, $75
This mask only takes a minute of your time! Not only does it exfoliate with its AHA peel formula but will tighten pores, making your complexion smoother and brighter. The point is to get your face freed from any signs of COVID-19 fatigue, right?

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