Beauty Made in Italy Spotlight: GAMA Professional

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With products that blend innovative design ideas and state of the art technologies with pure Italian design and “Made in Italy” quality, GAMA Professional is still pushing the boundaries of hair care. Its tools are counted as some of the world’s most cutting edge pieces to own and love. Jonathan Morello, CEO, president, and founder of BSC, Inc. Your Hair Beauty & Spa Supplier, (GAMA Italy Professional Representative USA & Canada Markets) tells us everything we need to know about the Gwyneth Paltrow-approved hair tool brand.

Your brand has been around for over 50 years. How was it originally established?
Founded in 1969 by Mario Gardini in the industrial suburbs of Bologna, GAMA—named using the first two letters of the founder’s name and surname: Gardini, Mario—Italy Professional has been since its origins the leading Italian company in the sector for research and innovation, launching the first hair straightener for domestic use in the world.


In 1969 you created the first flat iron. What new tools are you launching now?
Our research and development teams have several projects in the pipeline. We are working on a new ultralight and performant motors, further developing the iQ hairdryer line and a new line of premium professional straighteners.

Tell us about the technology behind the iQ Perfetto.
iQ Perfetto is the lightest and most performing smart hairdryer in the world. Recognized as the lightest professional hairdryer in the world—its weight equals that of a smartphone—it boasts a slim and compact shape half the size of traditional hairdryers and designed to prevent muscle damage from prolonged use. It is equipped with an intelligent digitalized brushless motor that increases performance by reducing drying times by 30% without using extra power. Furthermore, the iQ Perfetto has technology that makes it ultra-durable. This is enhanced via the combined action of a hi-tech self-diagnosis system that identifies and solves any operational problems paired up with a one of a kind auto-clean technology which deep cleans the filter. It also comes with an innovative micro-filter that captures even the tiniest particles of dirt from the air, protecting the engine and other components of the dryer and the scalp and hair.

What do you think Italian hair care brands offer that is unlike any other?
Quality, innovation, and luxury are the things that have always characterized Italian hair care brands and have consistently positioned them as market leaders worldwide.

Why do you continue to be based in San Pietro?
At GAMA, we have always stayed true to our roots. We are proud of our Bolognese heritage, it’s an inherent part of our DNA. Northern Italy and Emilia Romagna, the region where Bologna is, are known worldwide for their industry, their premium, luxurious, high-quality products. Its strategically located in the area, close to major cities, roads, and airports. We love to be in the center of it all and to live and breathe those values first hand. Furthermore, at GAMA we truly value family and teamwork, which is why some of our employees have been with us for almost 30 years.

Are you seeing any unique hair trends for the fall season?
We love that this fall is all about individuality. Movements like women’s rights, #MeToo, LGBTQ+, and Black Lives Matter have put diversity and acceptance into the spotlight. It is time to be playful and true to yourself with your hair. There are always many trends, but the trend we like the most is being proud of who you are and being true to yourself. Embracing your type of hair, personality, ethnicity, and cultural background and showing that through your style, whether it be hair or fashion.

You’re known for groundbreaking technology. How does the research process work?
GAMA has its own lab and engineering facilities in Italy dedicated to research and innovation. Our dedicated research and development teams work together with our other engineers and hairstyling partners around the world to identify and anticipate market needs and test new ideas. The professional world is definitely the main inspiration behind our research and development, we aim to create very high-quality products that perform even under the most strenuous circumstances. All our projects are built around 2 key elements: hair health and user experience. We thoroughly design and build the motors, technologies, and inner components of our hairdryers, straighteners, clippers, and trimmers to always guarantee the best performance and top reliability of our products.

What’s next for the company?
We are really looking forward to entering the American market and expanding our reach. Americans are known for wanting only the best; we firmly believe that America’s focus on quality, on self-improvement, and wanting what is best is aligned with our core value system and that we will be a great fit for the market.

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