Beauty Banter With Lauren Remington Platt

by The Daily Front Row

Vênsette, a beauty endeavor started in Lauren Remington Platt’s living room a mere three years ago, was invited to share real estate across from Tom Ford Beauty and across from the massive Chanel counter on the floor of Bloomingdales this past weekend. While one of her specially trained makeup artist gave us (and our eyebrows) a touch up, Platt filled us in on her first ever pop-up, her new digs and what’s next for the made-to-order makeup biz.

What is Vênsette’s approach to beauty?

 Vênsette is really all about makeup application instead of being all about free makeovers to sell product. It doesn’t matter what products you use! It’s all about the blending, application, and color, so we want to offer an alternative to consumers. We’re all about the artistry, the convenience and the experience of the makeup application.

Why did you decide to pop up at Bloomie’s?
While the number one thing about our company is educating the consumer and changing their mentality, a large part about this pop-up is letting people know we exist and what our company does. We’re really a mobile technology company that’s focused on the beauty space. So first and foremost, we’re technology driven. 

Is this a kind of training for a full-time store?
Nothing is in stone yet, but this pop-up has been a great experience so far! 

What’s new for the brand?
We just opened up new, storefront offices in TriBeCa. 

Can people stop into your offices and get their make-up done?
Not yet. We are a technology company, so I’m not sure our engineers would really like that! People are willing to pay for the styling and application process. When you connect the convenience of delivering it to someone’s home, it’s a no-brainer.

Is there an app?
It’s soon to be launched as well!

When is your busy season?
Usually September through the holidays is busiest. August is really our slowest time; that’s when I stay in the city and actually get work done.

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