Beautifying With Dr. Oz At Bouley Botanical

by The Daily Front Row

Calling all beauty and wellness fangirls: Dr. Oz The Good Life celebrated their May beauty issue last night with a cocktail shindig at Bouley Botanical in Tribeca. On the menu? Tasty canapés by David Bouley, white vino, and cocktails. “I think all of us are ingrained to look for beauty because it’s a barometer of inner health.  But it’s not just about looking beautiful and feeling beautiful, it’s about realizing that you’re worth it. That’s ultimately what the good life is about,” said the man behind the mag, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Also on hand: Dr. Oz The Good Life publisher and VP Kristine Welker, plus EIC Jill Herzig. “Our readers are happy with their list of products to buy, but they come to Dr. Oz The Good Life for the reasons why; what are the ingredients, what’s the research behind it, how will it benefit them.  We love that they are not bored by the science, and in fact that is the Oz-y part of it,” said Herzig.


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