Bauble Time With Jewelry Designer Efva Attling

by Dena Silver

Chatting with bauble designer Efva Attling is always a ball. And this time around was no exception to that rule…

What is the most luxurious bauble you’ve ever made? 

I was given a bag of diamonds from the wife of Björn Ulvaeus, who is one of the B’s in ABBA! His wife gave me total freedom to design a necklace. It’s a great piece.

What piece of jewelry do you never, ever take off?
My three-carat diamond ring and, of course, my self-made wedding ring.

What’s on deck for your fall designs? 

Our collection this fall is called “I’ve Got Balls.” It features big silver balls.

Any stories from your modeling days?

I lived with the drummer of The Who in London and partied with Mick Jagger

Which model did you idolize? 

I was represented by Ford Models, and once, Lauren Hutton was in the office with me. To me, she was the queen of all models.

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