Bauble Brilliant With Kendra Scott

by Dena Silver

How many Texas-based designers can boast a haute collab with the late Oscar de la Renta? Kendra Scott, for one. Armed with a range of sparkling jewels that don’t break the bank, this savvy businesswoman knows a thing or two about accessorizing. 

When did your fascination with jewelry begin?
From the moment I could stand in my mother’s high-heeled shoes, I’ve been in love with fashion. My Aunt Joanne played a huge part in sparking my interest in the fashion industry and my goal to become an entrepreneur. A beautiful and driven buyer for a major department store, she had a strong attitude and incredible career that made me realize my desire to follow in her footsteps and tackle the world of fashion on my own.

When did your brand arrive in New York?
We opened our own dedicated showroom in 2009 in the heart of New York’s Fashion District. I always go back to that time as the moment that put my name on the map.

How do you get your creative juices flowing to whip up a new collection each season?
I find inspiration in everything, from landscapes and architecture to people and cultures. By collaborating with my fantastic design team, we create new collections that translate that inspiration into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The Avant Garden collection, our latest seasonal line, was inspired by my love for organic crystals and curated natural materials that I use in my own home décor.

So how much bling do you wear on any given day?
I’ve always been a firm believer that accessories make the outfit, so you could say my collection is rather expansive! However, I’ve recently been embracing the delicate layers look. With our midi rings and more delicate styles from Spring, you can catch me wearing a dozen different pieces to create a subtle statement-making look.

What’s the most luxurious bauble in your lineup?
Our Kaki Baguette Earring. It features a beautiful faceted stone surrounded by delicate, hand-set baguette crystals. I love pairing them with a simple everyday outfit for a striking, feminine statement.

Sounds classic! Are you into the edgy jewelry trend?
I have absolutely fallen in love with the ear jacket. I’m a fan of mixing and matching the eye-catching back component with my other favorite studs to give it a fresh new look. It feels like I’m putting on a brand-new pair of earrings every time!

Which designer wares do you pair with your namesake accessories?
My current favorites are Tibi, Milly, Chanel, and Diane von Furstenberg. In my wardrobe, I tend to stick to classic style with contemporary silhouettes. And this probably won’t be too surprising, but like many women, I have a slight obsession with shoes. My recent go-to’s are a colorful pair of pumps by Saint Laurent.

Who’s your favorite supermodel of all time?
I was so inspired by Cindy Crawford growing up, and I actually had the chance to meet her randomly during one of my trips to New York! I was in town for market when I ran into her in an elevator at our hotel. It was a great experience to have a chance meeting with a woman I not only admire for her incredible modeling career, but for her passion and drive in becoming an entrepreneur as well.

Are there any younger models who have caught your eye?
I’m currently adoring Karlie Kloss. She has an effortless, classic style and is not afraid to let her personality shine. She is strong, ambitious, and a wonderful role model for girls of all ages.

What’s your favorite fashion memory from the past year?
One moment that comes to mind would be Oscar de la Renta’s final show for Spring 2015. What a gorgeous collection it was, with brilliant floral appliqués and gorgeous pastel palettes. Since flowers inspired us for our Avant Garden collection, I felt very connected to his last line. Oscar was one of my greatest icons and inspirations, and his final show stands out to me as one of his greatest accomplishments.

Did you ever have a chance to work with Mr. de la Renta?
In 2005, I had the honor of meeting Mr. de la Renta and collaborating with him to design the jewelry for his Spring 2006 runway show. I’ve always respected and admired this man, and I will never forget him giving a young designer like me a chance. I will forever remember his brilliant talent and incredible generosity. It truly was the experience of a lifetime.

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