Barbie Banter Avec Cynthia Vincent

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Last eve, the CFDA brought back lots of lovely childhood memories thanks to a Barbie bash in the MePa, with designers like Whit’s Whitney Pozgay, Tess Giberson, and Cynthia Vincent on hand for the occasion. We caught up with Vincent to discuss her own history with the iconic doll…

Did you play favorites with your Barbies as a kid? 
I don’t even know–I’m so old! I’d have to say the redheaded Barbie. I had a lot of blondes. When I finally got a redhead Barbie, I was just thrilled!

How did you feel about her getups?
I’d make clothes for my Barbies! I wouldn’t buy a lot of Barbie clothes; I’d just get the outfit that came with her, and then I’d make my own creations.

Unrelated: What’s been driving you nuts lately?
Saying the word ‘like’, inappropriately!


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