UPDATED: Whoever Designs Balmain’s Graphics Made a Big Boo Boo on a Very Expensive Jacket

by The Daily Front Row

These days, it seems like nothing gets past Diet Prada. Earlier today, the fashion watchdog Instagram account posted images of a Balmain menswear moto jacket to its Insta stories that has a peculiar graphic element in the upper right hand corner: a Shutterstock logo.



Diet Prada was first alerted to the graphic faux pas by a post on reddit, which was subsequently shared with them by multiple, eager followers.

Shutterstock, like all photo licensing websites, usually only gives access to high-resolution, un-watermarked images after they have been paid for. Does this mean someone from the Balmain team swiped a graphic from the site without paying for it? Or did they purchase the image and then use the watermarked version instead? Either by accident or by choice? It could be a choice. Stranger things have happened. Then again, this is Balmain, not Balenciaga or Vetements.

The Daily reached out to Balmain for comment, but we haven’t heard anything back yet. We’ll update this posting if and when we do. In the meantime, if you’ve got $2,000 burning a whole in your pocket, the jacket is still available in a complete size run on the brand’s website.

UPDATE: A publicist for Balmain provided us with the following statement: “The Balmain House has the rights of the pictures. These images, that are on the website, come from a shoot of the samples, not the final product, this is why the watermark appear unfortunately.”

So, there you have it. Mystery solved.

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