Balenciaga Slated To Sue Nicolas Ghesquière

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Balenciaga is said to be suing Nicolas Ghesquière over inflammatory comments he made regarding management at the fashion house in an exclusive interview to System magazine in April. Challenges, a French business magazine, broke the news that Kering (formerly PPR), which owns Balenciaga, will be suing the designer. When Ghesquière parted ways with the brand in November 2012, it left the fashion community puzzled, as the designer had been one of the most esteemed darlings of the industry during is 15 years helming the brand. When the interview with System was published, Ghesquière revealed that he felt the internal workings of the brand had become a “bureaucracy and gradually more corporate until it was no longer linked to fashion.” He also added that there was no one helping him on the business side. Further reasoning as to why the designer decamped from Balenciaga: “the lack of culture that bothered me in the end,” Ghesquière told System.

Meanwhile, other rumors are spreading like wildfire that Ghesquière is being courted to take over at Louis Vuitton as Marc Jacobs contract has been under discussion. With many speculating that Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy want to take Jacobs’ namesake brand public, the fashion industry has been buzzing that his successor will likely be Ghesquière. An LVMH gig would certainly help with any incumbent legal fees, right?

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