OMG Those Balenciaga Platform Crocs Sold Out In Less Than a Day on Pre-Order

by Charles Manning

Seriously, people, how did this happen? Dazed is reporting that those insane Balenciaga platform Crocs have already sold out on For real, when the revolution comes, the owners of these shoes will not be spared.

The story goes that Barneys dropped the shoes on their website yesterday morning as a pre-order. For a mere $850 you could put your name down and be the first to receive the molded plastic clogs in either pink or “toast.”

Barneys New York

A quick search of the Barneys website this afternoon revealed that the listing for the shoes seems to have been taken down once they sold out, so we’ll all just have to take Dazed’s word for it, I guess.

Of course, if you are one of the (apparently) many people dying to get your hands on these puppies, fear not! No doubt this is merely the first of many, many drops to come throughout the season.

And if you’re one of those people who used to be super into these shoes, but feel like they are sort of tired and played out by now — they did walk the runway all the way back in October, afterall — then, again, fear not! With the Paris shows just a few weeks away, you’ll have Demna Gvasalia’s newest footwear-fuck-you to obsess over in no time.

What will Demna do for fall 2018? Maybe he’ll write “Balenciaga” on some of those blue workman’s shoe-cover things and wrap them around old sneakers his interns pick up at a charity shop. That would be chic, right? People would buy those. Or he could just forego actual footwear altogether and create a temporary tattoo of a shoe that you apply directly to your feet with a wet sponge! The tats would cost like 1 cent each to manufacture and he could sell them for $100 per pair. That’s a profit margin of 10,000 percent! OMG,I bet that’s it. I bet that’s what’s going to happen. Mark my words: temporary tattoos-as-shoes are coming to the Balenciaga runway in 2018.

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