Aya Kanai Settles Into Pinterest, Reveals Top Fashion Trends To Watch

by Julia Oakes

Aya Kanai, Marie Claire’s former editor in chief, stepped down in September for a spot with Pinterest. Per an Instagram post announcing her new stint, it’s obvious that she was ecstatic about her new role as head of content and editorial partnerships. Here’s what she’s been up to the past few months…

Aside from posting her fetching NYC ’fits and displaying her perfectly winged eyeliner on Insta, Kanai has been brainstorming and curating a handful of trends for the platform’s not-yet-trending report─aptly named Pinterest Predicts─which rounds up tomorrow’s trends, today. And considering that 80% of the report’s predictions for 2020 rang true, you better believe we’re already taking notes on Kanai’s list. 


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These are the top three trends she believes will take 2021 by storm─pandemic or no pandemic.


It’s no secret that athleisure casual garb was a hit this year, and for good reason. First up on Kanai’s list of 2021 trends: Athflow, AKA the stylish marriage of athleisure and elegance. The longtime editor has a compelling feeling that athflow will easily replace athleisure with its more versatile, professional and just-as-loungeable looks (think: cotton jumpsuits and WFH-appropriate oversized loungewear). The style has been a hit on Pinterest too, garnering an 185% increase in searches for “soft outfits” and three times the amount of searches for “oversized outfits” year on year. 

Cocooning Layers

Next on her list of foreseeable trends is cocooning─the fashionable way to layer up without looking like a human blanket. Kanai predicts that fashionistas near and far will turn to puffer jackets, stylish shawls, and oversized socks that make any occasion a cozy one. Pinterest has seen a tremendous increase in cocooning style searches─with two times the amount for “cozy aesthetic outfits,” four times the amount for “quilted clothes,” and, of course, a colossal increase for (none other than) “fluffy slippers.” Is it just us, or will cozy always be du jour

DIY Galore

Last but most certainly not least on her top three list is personalized style. Not only does Kanai have overt confidence in the creativity of Gen Z-ers, but also in the upward trend of personalization and DIY in their styles. Between hand-painted denim pockets, revamped thrifted finds, and punch needle-embroidered totes, there’s no doubt that DIY fashion is on the rise for 2021. Don’t believe us? Perhaps the analytics will prove her point─there has been seven times the amount of searches for “sweatshirt embroidery,” six times the searches for “reworked clothes,” and a 115% increase in searches for DIY tote bag designs. Besides, who doesn’t love a little do-it-yourself project that will easily double as the wardrobe equivalent of a face-lift? 

Ready to take a sneak peak into fashion’s future? You can find Kanai’s top three trends, as well as the report’s full list of 2021 trends here.

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