Award Winning Aesthetic Surgeon On A Mission With A Cause

by DN News Desk

Dr. Allen Gabriel has become a name synonymous with the highest standards of the aesthetic and cosmetic medicine industry. Doing his daily best to improve the standards of the field, his position also gives him the opportunity to help beyond his facilities.  Dr. Gabriel has actively contributed and enhanced his skills by joining the elite Integrated Plastic Surgery Program and Ethiopia’s Operation Good Samaritan. As a master of breast surgery and reconstruction, he has also written hundreds of peer-reviewed literature, abstracts and chapters for various cosmetic treatments.

The top surgeon understands the importance of cosmetic enhancements and the role it plays in a person’s life. Thus, he works to build rapport and trust with the clients to understand their specific requirements. It enables him to provide various treatments, especially with personalized attention. These procedures perfectly blend with the anatomy of the client and highlights their beauty to bring out the best in them.

“People Shall Notice Your Beauty, Not The Surgery.”
With these intentions, the master aesthetician works to provide state-of-the-art facilities in his practice. He incorporates latest medical spa techniques which undergo consistent upgrades to ensure optimum performance. The team for the treatment is hand-picked by Dr. Gabriel and each member is a seasoned expert in the field, trained under his guidelines. Through supervision, he delivers the best results. It doesn’t even feel like a surgery, but something completely natural.  According to Gabriel, each person possesses a unique layer that has been unadulterated by time, gravity, pollution, and other elements. There is an authentic self in every person and Dr. Gabriel strives to uncover it, or help to do so. For this, he ensures that he can preserve a person’s spontaneity and individuality.

By strongly considering a person’s beauty, anatomy and other limitations, he ensures nobody would go overboard. Afterall, he is looking to enhance the features. His honest and upfront approach with complete transparency is an admirable gesture which the clients cherish. Hence, he maintains the best portfolio or trustworthy and high-profile clients.

Dr. Allen Gabriel has received the award for the Humanities in Medicine for actively contributing for the betterment of the community. He regularly provides free treatments to those who have suffered from a physical trauma or injury which require restorative surgeries. With his wife, he has also started The Pink Lemonade Project for the breast cancer patients. According to the master aesthetician, it is just a beginning. He continually strives to bring the best services for the people.

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