Art By Maudsch: High Fashion Artworks Direct to your Door

by DN News Desk

Want artwork that helps your home or property stand out from the crowd? Here is how to do so without having to visit a gallery.Buying real, handmade art has never been easier! Forget long trips to expensive art galleries or having to pay thousands and thousands for hand-painted artworks! We present to you, the newest movement, Art by Maudsch.

Art By Maudsch is an innovative collection of International artists. These experienced creators have banded together to become one brand, capable of producing artwork in any given style, shape or form. The Dutch brand works from the foundations of the old masters, like Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn. Amsterdam, a city famous for its connection to the arts and the unique culture of the old-world traders. Art By Maudsch encapsulates a style, a feeling, and a sense of distinguished culture which dates back hundreds of years.

Who is Art By Maudsch?
This innovative brand is a collective of creatives who contribute striking art pieces designed to elevate people’s homes and offices. The pieces are divided into different themes, styles, or tones. You can also find any art movement, ranging from realistic to abstract and from minimalistic to extravagant. Because of the vast variety of collaborating artists, the variety in different artworks is also enormous. Despite having currently over a thousand different artworks for sale, more and more artists are collaborating, further increasing the reach and the collection of the gallery.

A Cultural Collective
Why does Art By Maudsch operate in this way? The cultural representation of artistry changes per country, but the Dutch are noted for their collaborative and progressive mindset. Those of you who have been to the city of Amsterdam or strolled the streets of Rotterdam will know that there is a strong link between the architecture, the ambience and the people. Art is not only just there, it also enriches our lives. A lot of effort is taken in by designing a public space, acknowledging that this is a process to be done with the citizens themselves.

Art By Maudsch captures this special spark of something extraordinary that you only find with these collaborative, artistic efforts. It allows the brand to flourish based on each artist’s merit while simultaneously recognizing the individual contribution for what it is: the thing that makes the work unique in its own right. It is the individuality of the artist that they value and sell. That is something that you do not get with more giant, commercialized prints and that is what makes Art by Maudsch unique.

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