Meet the Man Behind Sasha Siem’s FMA Hair Look

by The Daily Front Row
Arsen Gurgov

Sasha Siem, winner of the first ever New Wave artist honoree at this year’s Fashion Media Awards, prepared for the event with an afternoon of beauty in the salon of Arsen Gurgov. The hair stylist is famous for appearing on the Today show’s Ambush Make Overs.

Gurgov styled Siem’s long locks with his signature touch, which clients wait weeks — and pay upwards of $600 — for the privilege. After an hour in his chair and viola, the singer had a silky and luscious shine for the FMA stage. “I gave Sasha a sleek blow dry with lots of volume at the root,” says Arsen. “I used large size Velcro rollers to accomplish the smooth look and at the end I finished it with finishing Milbon spray. Sasha was so nice and easy going she made me feel as if we were friends for a long time.”

Sasha was equally as effusive. “I had a wonderful afternoon in Arsen’s salon,” she said. “He was engaging and easy to work with. I was very pleased with how he styled my hair for the FMAs.”

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