How “Lincoln Rhyme” Star Arielle Kebbel Is Coping With Coronavirus Isolation

by Charles Manning

For the latest installment of our Cabin Fever Diary series, we decided to check in with Arielle Kebbel, star of NBC’s Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector, to see how she is dealing with isolation during the coronavirus crisis.

Where are you isolating?
Thankfully, I made it back to LA just in time. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by the serenity of nature in my home in the hills with my rescue cat, Buddie, and my rescue pup, Pepper. After the rush of NYC for six months, I needed to be back here right now.

What are you wearing right now? 
Red flannel pjs from Adore Me, a tank top from the Women’s History Museum, and a leopard faux fur jacket from Blank NYC, because I still get cold in LA and it is so soft and comforting!

Arielle Kebbel (Courtesy)

How are you coping with the current situation?
I’ve watched myself flip flop between loving the quiet and sending out positive vibes to support others, and having my own anxiety and fear come up. I’ve learned that even though I’m thankful for the tools I have at my disposal for dealing with this crisis, sometimes I just don’t want to use them. Sometimes I just want to stay in pjs, eat junk food, watch TV, and sleep. And somehow that feels like exactly what my body needs right now.

Then, when I’ve let myself do that long enough and i feel just gross enough, I’let that motivate me to get up and do something: walk in nature with my animals, ground myself, go outside (alone) and just put my hands or feet in the dirt/grass and breathe, meditate, Skype my therapist (there are so many online therapy services now, the help isn’t stopping just because we are indoors), find an online dance or yoga class.

I also just learned about long distance acupuncture and reiki healing from one of my teachers, Dr. Amanda Cohen. It take 30 mins or less, it’s done over the phone, and it’s discounted to $50 per session right now. It has helped keep me in balance and stay positive and I love doing it because I’m supporting her small business. She’s @amandacohentish on Instagram, if anyone wants to sign up!

Arielle Kebbel FaceTiming with her yoga teacher, Rony Ghoraishy @yoga_by_rony (Courtesy)

What have you been listening to?
Alanis Morrisette. One hand in my pocket… everything is gonna be fine fine fine. Really, anything to remind me of Jagged Little Pill, the musical on Broadway. I’m obsessed with it.

How’s your sleep?
I’m having very active dreams. Sometimes they feel helpful, like I’m moving at a slow enough place that I can work things out in an enlightened place in my dreams, but other times I can see that the activity is due to subconscious stress and anxiety. I do my best to just breathe through it, acknowledge it, and let it go in the am. Sometimes it stays with me anyway and I just have to let it be and be ok with not knowing why that particular dream is still with me the next day.

What about your personal hygiene? Have you gone feral yet? 
It’s funny, even though there are days when I don’t get out of my pjs and I just eat junk food and don’t brush my hair, other days, I’ve actually found myself putting on makeup and getting dressed, even though I’m not leaving the house. I just want to put some extra pep in my step and create that sense of routine. Also, in terms of hygiene for my house, if I go outside (even if I’m in nature and not around people) I take off and wash my clothes as soon as I get home. Straight to the washer! I wipe down all food/ groceries that come in the house. I wipe down my phone, door handles, and even the antibacterial spray handles at least once a day. I also make sure to smile and tip the delivery people extra right now. To me, that’s part of maintaining emotional hygiene at the moment.

So what are you eating?
I’m trying to eat things that will boost my immune system: juices, tons of water, etc. But I also have more Halo ice cream now then I’ve ever had before and multiple kinds of mezcal tequila.

Are you doing anything to help others?
I work with the Crisis Text Line. It’s a free 24/7 hotline with trained crisis councilors. Just text HOME to 741741 for help and support on any level. I’m also donating to small businesses around me and posting about different charities you can support right now.

Are you using this time to work on anything special?
I’m learning to play the ukulele! My friend gave me one as a wrap gift on Lincoln Rhyme after she came to visit me on set and saw how much I loved hers.

Arielle Kebbel with her ukelele (Courtesy)

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found yourself doing since you started isolating?
Watching reality TV. Who knew?!?

Not your own show, Lincoln Rhyme?
That too, of course! LOL. The first season is available now on Hulu.


How has this experience changed you or your outlook?
It’s changing it moment to moment. There are a lot of practical problems people are facing at the moment — both emotionally and financially — but I also see this as a time to go inside yourself, get quiet, and support yourself and others in new ways. So, yeah, it’s still changing and I believe it will change more before this is all over. I feel like we’re all riding a giant collective wave at the moment and we’re nowhere near crashing yet, but when we do, what breaks on shore will be beautiful — for me as an individual and for us all as a society.

What’s do you want to do when this is all over?
Hug everyone I know and love.

And, finally, what song would you like to sing to your neighbors from a balcony Italian style?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Flattening the curve is very black and white and very important right now. We have to go through the isolation to get to the other side, but when we do, we will find ourselves in a universe of warmth and color.

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