Anybody Up For A Gallery Of 2(X)IST Models? Thought So!

by The Daily Front Row

When we hit the recent 2(X)IST runway show we knew it was our professional duty to make sure that our dear reader was in this journey with us. We’ve created an epic photo gallery of the looks from the show for YOU! First up is a quick chat with 2(X)IST VP of design, Jason Scarlatti, who tells us what he had in mind for Spring and why he was feeling so relaxed before the show.

What’s different about this collection?
We took an architectural approach to everything, which is why we had it in this space. We have swimwear again and we’re dipping our toe into the active wear arena. We’re going to be branding and growing that.

You seem very calm before a show.
I am! We have an amazing PR firm who are handling everything. I’m not worried about anything. (Note: LAFORCE + STEVENS handled the press.)

How fun is the casting process?
It’s not fun! I don’t like that part. We always end up with stellar guys, but it’s intimidating to ask someone to get in their underwear as soon as you meet them.  You shake their hand and the next thing you know they’re in their underwear. What shines through is their personalities and confidence is key. Clearly their bodies are always in good shape.

Who is the 2(X)ist guy?
He’s always very healthy. They look more like athletes than chiseled models or steroidy looking. We try to stay away from that! We like great skin and great smiles. I like to say it’s about, “eyes and thighs!” Thighs are important to us because they balance out the underwear.

Now check out those eyes and thighs in our GALLERY!

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