Antonio Banderas Heads to Fashion School

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As summer nears its end, students pack their bags and ship off to college, and this time around Antonio Banderas has joined in. The Mask of Zorro star has decided to study fashion at Central Saint Martins in London, long considered one of the world’s leading fashion schools, with Stella McCartney and the late Alexander McQueen among the alumnus. He celebrated his second week of studies on Instagram posing cozily with a group of mannequins with a caption describing the experience as “Intense, exciting, serious and fun all the same time.”

In a statement from the university, it appears Banderas’ curriculum won’t follow that of other students, and he instead is enrolled in a bespoke program through short courses. But still no word on whether he plans to launch his own line or whether this is research for a role. It is certainly random!

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Kristen Heinzinger is the Senior Editor of The Daily Front Row/Daily Summer.

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