Antonino Aiello Elevates Linen To Luxury

by Thomas Herd

It is a widely known fact that LVMH and Richemont practically control the luxury brand market. It is another widely established certainty that nearly every high-end designer shop you cross by in any luxury mall – from Gucci to Chloe to Chanel to Dior- is owned by one of these groups or the other.

How can any up and coming luxury brand aiming to stay independent make it? As daunting as the feat sounds (and is), there are some notable exceptions that are establishing precedents for how young brands can make it without acquisition from a monopoly.  The most impressive case study in this area belongs to 100% Capri, the seductively luxurious linen brand founded by CEO Antonino Aiello.  Aiello looked for gaps in the luxury market and hit on an area where he could provide a better product- which was in the seasonal resort space- where products from the high end designers were frequently exchanged for bathing suits or even poor quality linen.

Realizing this, Aiello made it his passion to revolutionize the feel and luxury of linen. He further built out a data and research department of his company to study the weather patters and climates of the areas his stores were based- from Mykonos to Capri and Portofino- to inform and guide the development process of his fabrics. The net result was a new generation of linen that set the arhetype for how the fashionable and affluent dressed while on holiday.  Today, Aiello and 100% Capri’s legacy spills over just seaside luxury. Aiello is renowned for expanding linen into a mainstream luxury genre. To learn more about Aiello’s work and and the paradigm shift in luxury he’s driving, check out

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