Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Finds Male Models Just as Intimidating as Everyone Else Does

by Taylor Harris

On Tuesday night, Anotni Porowski — the resident food and wine expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot — joined a host of fashion folk for the Jeffrey Fashion Cares Soulcycle ride. The ride raised nearly $6,000 for the charity’s work supporting LGBT civil rights, HIV prevention and research, and education for LGBT youth. We caught up with Porowski post-ride:

What’d you think?
I was huffing and puffing! But I really love Soulcycle. I just started going recently. My good friend Ben Platt [star of Dear Evan Hansen] goes like six or seven days a week. So I’m not at that level but I do love it. I go with a group of friends on Saturday mornings. There’s something very meditative and chill about it so it’s a great way to start the weekend before eating Murray’s cheese all of Sunday. It’s very detoxifying.

Antoni Porowski

You’re a big cheese person.
Huge. I want a menu with cheese included in every dish. That’s my ideal. But I have good, not great, genetics so I’m constantly having to work out to balance out my love for butter and cheese.

Congrats on Queer Eye! I read that you worked for Ted Allen before joining the cast. What did you do for him?
Yes. So we started out as friends then I actually worked for Ted and his husband. His husband is a gallerist specializing in midcentury and post-war artwork. They have the most insanely beautiful home. So when Ted was on Chopped I would help out with some recipe development and when he was home and less busy, I would help Barry with his gallery. I have an art history background as well.

Porowski on the set of Queer Eye (Netflix)

Your boyfriend’s at 1stdibs right? I’m sure you also have an insanely beautiful home.
It’s a good one! He actually just got promoted two days ago. He’s director of creative services now. We’re celebrating tomorrow night. It happens to be my birthday tomorrow so we’re doing a double whammy.

Happy Birthday!
Thank you. We’re going to go out to dinner with a bunch of friends. Jonathan [Van Ness] is flying in for work, Tan [France] was here for work but decided to stay so we can all celebrate together.

So speaking of meals, can I ask what did you eat so far today?
I was just at Cookshop with Tan prior to this and we had the radishes with the compound butter and they have this smoked, volcanic salt on it. We also had a chicken liver mouse with a really lite, toasted sourdough, and pickled fennel and red onion, which was really nice. Then, for breakfast, I had black coffee — always black coffee — and a pain au chocolat at La Colombe on Lafayette.

What’s your go-to food indulgence?
Authentic New York street pizza. I always order it extra well done, almost charred on the crust. And, if I can, I order double cheese and pepperoni. I know I’m really gross — but I like to put fresh arugula and lemon zest on top. It lightens it up a little bit.

Is this your first Jeffrey Cares event?
It is! But I’m so excited to be involved and be part of their community. I can’t wait for the show on the Intrepid — it’s a little body-shaming for me but I’ll survive. It’s a good motivator. I may cut out dairy and carbs for two weeks before. If I can!

Tix for Jeffrey Fashion Cares are still available! Click HERE for more info. 

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