Breaking Non-News: Anna Wintour Responds to Retirement Rumors

by Aria Darcella

Rumors about Anna Wintour’s retirement from Condé Nast have been swirling for months. It has been a “Ross and Rachel”-level will-they-won’t-they between the editor and the publishing giant, with minor responses along the way. Anonymous sources said she would be leaving after the September issue came out; Conde’s CEO Bob Sauerberg insisted otherwise. But one can still speculate.

With this morning’s unveiling of Vogue‘s stellar Beyoncé-fronted September issue, perhaps Wintour thought she could buy herself a few days reprieve from the scrutiny. Unfortunately for her, Business of Fashion reporter Chantal Fernandez (who was covering the issue) came prepared with a list full of questions, not all of them related to the cover itself.

Behold, her non-answer:

“I’m not going to address it, I’m not going to address it,” she said. “I’ve never addressed [the rumors]. That is my point of view; respect it, please.”

Watch this space tomorrow (and the next day…and the next day…and the next day…) to read the latest in Anna isn’t retiring news.


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